As part of its activity, the CBA also conducts preventive and educational activities. In this regard, it cooperates with other institutions and NGOs dealing with issues of corruption.


The websites in both language versions include basic information related to the activities of the Bureau. In 2014, the website was adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, and in 2017 its graphic design was changed. The site is also available in English on Facebook and Twitter.

The website contains information of educational nature covering, among others, current media reports on corruption and its countermeasures, analyses and reports as well as the results of social research. Educational content can also be found on websites run by the CBA: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The CBA issued 56 publications which are available in the form of e-books and audiobooks.


An educational programme, commenced in October 2010, dedicated to employees of public administration, contributed to educational activities arising from the issuance of the Anti-Corruption Manual for Civil Servants. The training courses are conducted by the officers of the CBA, who illustrate the theory with examples derived from their professional experience. More than 53 thousand employees have been trained so far.

In May 2014, the Head of the CBA, the Chairperson of the Financial Supervision Authority and Chairman of the Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange signed a declaration on cooperation, which aims to patronage training courses and workshops designed to increase the compliance culture, i.e. acting in accordance with the legal governance in institutions operating in the financial market. In this regard, the CBA officers participated in workshops and conferences involving issues of public procurement, whistleblowing, the importance of compliance culture, and compliance in the fight against corruption.

On the website was made available the anti-corruption e-learning platform in Polish and English version. It is one of few examples of such an application in Europe. Current version includes modern legislative and organisational solutions in the scope of counteracting corruption in Poland and is adjusted to needs of all people interested in anti-corruption issues, especially officials, entrepreneurs and students. So far over 150,000 users have registered on it.

The platform was presented at the 66th Plenary Meeting of the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO), as well as at the European Commission and at the seminar of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) devoted to pro-social policy of law enforcement agencies and training techniques organized in Saudi Arabia.

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