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Statement of the Head of the CBA

Due to the increasing number of statements, comments and media publications in the public space that unfairly and falsely present the actions of CBA officers and employees, I am forced to strongly protest against this type of irresponsible assertions. I perceive the published statements as an attempt to destabilize institutions responsible for state security, which is particularly harmful in the context of current geopolitical situation.

I firmly deny any suggestions regarding any internal activities in the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau that would be aimed at destabilizing the work of the Bureau. Regardless of the political situation in the country, as well as the opinions expressed in the public space, the Bureau continues to focus on consistent and effective implementation of all statutory tasks.

Referring to the "sensational" reports of the editorial staff regarding alleged increases related to the results of the parliamentary elections, I would like to inform you that the regulation of the Prime Minister on the rates of basic remuneration of CBA officers, announced in September 2023 in the Journal of Laws, is an implementation of the provisions of the Budget Act adopted in 2022 and is consistent with the increase in wages in the public sector in 2023 by the so-called inflation rate, i.e. 7.8%.

I would like to emphasize once again that the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau always operates on the basis and within the limits of the law. Through their daily service, the CBA officers confirm the words of the oath they took: "to serve the Nation faithfully, to observe the law diligently, to remain faithful to the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Poland, to diligently and impartially perform the duties of an officer of the CBA, even risking my life."

Therefore, I appeal to all participants in the public debate to refrain from hasty and biased opinions that are not reflected in the truth, and to describe reality calmly and honestly. At the same time, I encourage everyone to read the periodically published information on the results of the Bureau's activities, available on the website:


Col. Andrzej Stróżny

Head of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau


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