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CBA wins the EPAC/EACN AWARD 2023

Project of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau with the EPAC/EACN AWARD 2023 for the most innovative and successful anti-corruption project in 2023!

During the EPAC and EACN General Assembly with the participation of nearly two hundred delegates of European anti-corruption institutions, the #ABC of Integrity project was selected as the best out of nine submitted initiatives. Thank you for the distinction!

The project initiated by the CBA is implemented with the participation of Polish universities as part of signed letters of intent. It assumes a broad and multi-stage promotion of the idea of integrity.


The project is based on three foundations relating to different stages of human development:

(A) promoting the idea of honesty and ethics among the youngest,

(B) cooperation with the scientific community and organization of anti-corruption events for students in their final years of studies who are just starting their professional careers,

(C) conducting specialized training for public sector employees and representatives of commercial law companies with State Treasury share.





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