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Detentions by the CBA. Millions of zloty extorted from the Court of Appeals in Kraków

The officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Rzeszów have detained 5 persons, including the Director of the Court of Appeals in Kraków Andrzej P., the Chief Accountant of the Court Marta K., former director of the Judiciary Purchase Centre Marcin B., and two businessmen. The investigation pertains to corruption, property misappropriation, and mismanagement on a massive scale.

The findings of the CBA investigators and the prosecutors indicate that in the past few years the Court has been webbed with companies which were related socially, by capital and by family with the Court Director and the Director of the Judiciary Purchase Centre, accomplishing the main bogus contracts for services, analysis, and elaborations. There has been no evidence found that such analysis or elaborations have been created. There are no documents in the Court of Appeals in Kraków which would evidence the implementation of the contracts concluded.

The investigators have estimated that as a result of the criminal procedure, several dozen million zloty have been extorted from the budget of the Court of Appeals in Kraków.

The CBA officers from Rzeszów have searched the Court of Appeals offices and the premises of the companies accomplishing the bogus contracts. They secured evidence materials, documents, computer data, phones, and computers for detailed analysis. 

The investigation is being carried out in its entirety by the Regional Office of the CBA in Rzeszów, under the supervision of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów. Today the detainees will face allegations.

The case is in progress. Further detentions are possible.


Piotr Kaczorek, CBA

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