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Three businessmen detained for corruption

CBA officers from Łódź have detained three businessmen: Bogdan W., Wojciech K. and Krzysztof K. embroiled in corruption. The detentions took place in Łódź and Konstantynów Łódzki. The investigation conducted by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau revealed that the detainees were giving benefits to a deputy to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

In return, they received lucrative contracts in state-owned enterprises. However, these were not the only profits they gained. There were also favorable decisions made by the local government in Łodz and other public institutions. The CBA officers searched the apartments of entrepreneurs. There they secured materials that will be evidence in the case.

Three corrupt businessmen will be transferred to the national prosecutor's office in Łódź, where they will be charged. In the near future, further procedural steps are planned. The case is multifaceted and is developmental.

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