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The end of control in the Voivodeship Traffic CentreTraining Center for Drivers (WORD) in Lublin

The control carried out by the CBA agents in the Lublin WORD has ended up with directing an indictment notification to the Prosecutor's Office and to the Public Finance Discipline Ombudsman.

The officers of the Division of Control Proceedings of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Lublin conducted from 21 February to 28 March 2019 a control at the Voivodship Training Center for Drivers in Lublin.

The proceedings concerned the procedures for making and implementing decisions regarding the lease of real estate located at Urzędowska street 551 in Kraśnik, for the needs of the Lublin WORD.

In the course of the control it has been concluded that the WORD in Lublin in August 2018 signed a lease agreement for an undeveloped property located at Urzędowska street 551 in Kraśnik, with the intention to create a branch office there.

As it was determined, the signing of the contract was not preceded by a public procurement procedure. The exclusion of the application of the Public Procurement Law Act takes place only in the case of the purchase or rental of real estate with a finished construction facility, which was not made at the request of the ordering party, while the facility at Urzędowska street 551 in Krasnik is being built on order and according to the WORD directions in Lublin. As a result of the conclusion of the agreement above, Lublin WORD became bounded by a lease agreement for 138 months, for which he will pay the lessor 2,026,880.00 zlotys. According to working calculations drawn up by the WORD in Lublin, if construction works were carried out by the WORD, the cost of the construction of the facility would be equal to 1,635,896.00 zlotys.

At the same time, the information obtained during the control shows that the WORD in 2018 had sufficient financial resources to finance the construction of the real estate, as well as to purchase a plot of land.

In the course of the control, it has been also determined that the WORD in Lublin could choose a more advantageous price offer for the lease of the real estate, in case of which the rent for the entire duration of the contract (138 months) would have been 1,364,709.60 zlotys less than the amount resulting from the signed contract.

The CBA's controllers have also showed that the former director has concluded a tenancy agreement for a property that does not have a full maneuvering area, which makes it impossible to carry out the practical tests for driving licenses for category A1, A2 and A. This was inconsistent with the resolution of the Voivodeship Assembly and the content of the Act of 5 January 2011 on the Motor Vehicle Drivers.

The control report was delivered and signed on 28.03.2019 by the controlled party without reservations.

In connection with the results of the control, the CBA addressed to the District Prosecutor's Office in Lublin a notification of suspicion of committing a crime of mismanagement and causing a damage to the Lublin WORD property by the former director. The CBA informed the Public Finance Discipline Ombudsman at the Regional Audit Chamber in Lublin about the director's violation of the public finance discipline.





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