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CBA completed a control in a hospital in Bielsk Podlaski

A control carried out by officers of the Regional Office of the CBA in Białystok in the Hospital in Bielsk Podlaski ended with the notification to the Prosecutor's Office.

The Control Prodeedings Division of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Białystok has carried out a control in the scope of making and implementing decisions regarding the award of a public contract by the Independent Public Health Care Center in Bielsk Podlaski under the name Supply of arthroscopic implants and metaphyseal endoprosthesis.

The control proceedings took place from 13 July 2018 to 12 April 2019.

In its course, a violation of the principle of fair competition, equal treatment of contractors, as well as objectivity and impartiality referred to in the Public Procurement Law were found.

Everything seems to indicate that in the description of the subject of the contract the technical parameters of medical devices were given in such a way that they indicated a specific contractor. The description also contained the trademark of a specific manufacturer without providing minimum parameters for the equipment that could be used interchangeably.

It was also found that the author of the appendix containing the technical parameters of the ordered equipment closely cooperated with entities supplying medical devices, receiving remuneration in return.

Based on the results of the completed inspection, the CBA sent to the District Prosecutor's Office in Białystok a notification about a justified suspicion of committing a crime by a member of the tender committee in public procurement carried out at the Independent Public Health Care Center in Bielsk Podlaski. The notification covers the years 2015-2018.

The findings made during the control show that he had contacts and participated in training sessions and symposia organized by entities that supplied medical devices in the above-mentioned proceedings. The controllers, without denying the legitimacy of the specialist's direct access to innovative medical techniques and their practical application with the use of unique materials and equipment, pointed out that his cooperation with medical companies also had a financial dimension. Moreover, in statements about the absence or existence of circumstances that led to exclusion from public procurement proceedings, he concealed the existence of reasons for excluding his person from participation in the proceedings.

The Starost of the Bielsk Poviat was also notified of the irregularities found during the control carried out by the Bureau.

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