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Director of a municipal office with allegations

Another person with allegations in connection with the investigation into submitting untrue information in the asset declaration of former president of Gdańsk.

This time, Tomasz L., director of the Treasury Division of the City Council of Gdańsk, faced allegations, and further allegations were presented to Waldemar K., former president of Pomeranka.

Altogether, allegations have been presented to 6 individuals involved in giving a financial advantage to the president of Gdańsk at the total amount of PLN 350,640.05, in the form of an undue discount on the real property he purchased. The advantage was to be given in exchange for a favourable approach of the president’s subordinates to the examination of Pomeranka’s motion to alter the local spatial development plan.

Tomasz L. was alleged with a failure to perform official duties, which resulted in not calculating contractual penalties on Pomeranka in the amount of PLN 11,307,281.50, due to the Municipality of Gdańsk. Waldemar K. is deemed to induce to not calculating the contractual penalties. The abovementioned individuals acted to the detriment of the public interest.

Moreover, Magdalena A. and Joanna A. have been presented with financial allegations of making false testimonies.        


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