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Trade in fictitious invoices discontinued - further detentions

Almost 3000 blank invoices worth PLN 37 million were issued and purchased by the individuals detained by the CBA. It is another chain broken by the Bureau in the trade in fictitious VAT invoices.

The CBA Regional Office in Warsaw, jointly with the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, has been conducting an investigation into the issuance and distribution of fictitious invoices giving rise to the loss of tax liabilities.
The proceedings were instituted on the grounds of evidence collected by the CBA officers. In February and July last year, as part of special operations, five individuals were detained red-handed while committing a criminal offence related to invoking influence in the Customs and Fiscal Office and favourable completion of customs and fiscal control in return for a financial advantage in the amount of PLN 40 thousand and in connection with the purchase of blank invoices.
The new findings of the CBA officers and the evidence collected in the case resulted in the detention of five persons, including Rafał G., Marcin W. Marek Cz., Dominika R. - entrepreneurs from Warsaw, Gdańsk, Białystok and Sieradz, and Joanna G. - running an accounting office in Warsaw. Their places of residence, business activities and storage of accounting documents were also searched.
In the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, all of the detainees were charged with issuing unreliable invoices and their use. The investigators' findings indicate that they participated in the scheme of issuing fictitious invoices for services in the following areas: computer services, training, consultancy, transport coordination, consulting, financial analyses and many others. Moreover, they created and used almost 3000 invoices worth more than PLN 37 million.
The court has approved the motion of the prosecutor's office to apply temporary detention against three of the detainees. In the case of the remaining two individuals, the prosecutor applied non-custodial preventive measures, including police supervision, a property bond and the ban on leaving the country.
Further activities in the case are pending.

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