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Tender for solar panels under the CBA scrutiny

Inspection of public procurement for the installation of solar panels in Ciechanowiec District completed with filing a notification to the prosecutor's office.

The officers of the Control Proceedings Department of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Białystok inspected the District Office of Ciechanowiec. The proceedings lasted from 14 September 2020 to 5 March 2021. The auditors examined the tender conducted in 2018 for the installation of solar panels for heating hot water in the Ciechanowiec District. The cost of the investment amounted to nearly PLN 2 million. The project was co-financed from the Regional Operational Programme of the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

According to the findings of the audit, the Ciechanowiec District committed a breach of public procurement law, which consisted in favouring technical equipment of a particular manufacturer. That led to unjustified limitation of competition.

As a result of the inspection, the Bureau sent a notification to the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Białystok. Then, the case was referred to the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Łomża. Currently, the case is being examined by the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Łomża. The Public Finance Discipline Ombudsman was also informed of the breach of the public finance discipline.

Having recognised the materials gathered by the CBA Regional Office in Białystok, the District Prosecutor's Office in Łomża instigated an investigation into the case and entrusted its conduct to the CBA.

Public Relations Division of the CBA

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