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More than 150 fraudulent invoices. 7 detainees

The CBA has detained seven individuals involved in the practice of issuing fraudulent VAT invoices worth over PLN 4 million.

The officers of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw are continuing their activities within the investigation into the issuance and distribution of fictitious invoices giving rise to the depletion of tax receivables. The investigation has been carried out under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. This time, the detainees included seven Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs from Janów Lubelski, Warsaw and its vicinity.

All the detainees faced charges of issuing fraudulent invoices and attestation of an untruth as to the factual circumstances that could be of significance for the determination of the amount of public and legal receivables or their return. The detainees participated in a practice of issuing 154 fictitious invoices for consulting and advisory services - of a total amount of over PLN 4 million.  Upon the motion of the prosecutor, the court applied a preventive measure in the form of temporary arrest against four detainees.  The remaining suspects were subjected to non-custodial preventive measures.

This year only, the officers of the CBA have carried out three operations, during which 17 persons have been detained. In total, there are over twenty suspects in the proceedings. So far, the prosecutor has pressed charges of issuing fraudulent invoices that amount to over PLN 52 million.

As a result of the activities undertaken by the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw, some entrepreneurs have voluntarily reported to the Tax Offices to settle the loss they made as a result of using fraudulent VAT invoices in their business activities. 

The case is under development.

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