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The group of detainees in the GetBack S.A. case has expanded

11 people were detained in the GetBack S.A. case. The suspects sold bonds for the amount of over PLN 40 million.

Officers of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw have carried out further activities in connection with the investigation into irregularities in the GetBack S.A. company. This time 11 persons were detained who, being the bank's employees, sold bonds, thus misleading clients as to the safety of the product. The activities were carried out in the Śląskie and Małopolskie Voivodeships. In total, acting in the territory of the Śląskie Voivodeship, they sold bonds worth over PLN 40 million.

The detained persons faced charges in the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw.

So far, in the course of the investigation, over 100 persons have been charged. To date, the Prosecutor's Office has filed five indictments against more than 50 people.

CBA Press Team

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