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The 21st EPAC/EACN Annual Conference and General Assembly

Deputy Head of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau Daniel Karpeta participated in the 21st EPAC/EACN Annual Conference and General Assembly. The conference was attended by representatives of services, agencies and institutions affiliated with the EPAC/EACN network, international organisations and European Union agencies.

The 21st EPAC/EACN Annual Conference and General Assembly (European Partners Against Corruption/European Anti-Corruption Network) was held in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, on 23-24 November 2022. The meeting was hosted by the National Anti-Corruption Centre (NAC). The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau was represented by the Deputy Head of the CBA Daniel Karpeta and the Director of the CBA Operational and Investigative Department.

The two-day conference brought together distinguished speakers to discuss issues related to high-level corruption investigations, international cooperation and information exchange, recovery of criminal assets as well as new tools for corruption prevention and risk assessment.

During the General Assembly of EPAC/EACN members, the network's authorities and new members were approved, and the results of the network's working groups and task forces were discussed. The conference concluded with the adoption of the "Chisinau Declaration", which, among other things, recommended strengthening existing and developing new methods of international cooperation and information exchange in the area of fighting and preventing corruption.

The European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC) and the European Anti-Corruption Network (EACN) are independent fora of practitioners, united in the common goal of preventing and fighting corruption. While EPAC has existed since 2004, EACN was founded in 2008. EPAC is composed of anti-corruption agencies and police oversight bodies within the Council of Europe member states. EACN, a more formal network established by a decision of the European Council, brings together anti-corruption authorities from European Union member states. The CBA was admitted to EPAC in 2007. In 2013, it hosted the 13th EPAC/EACN Annual Conference. The 21st EPAC/EACN Annual Professional Conference.

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