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Fictitious employment and extortion of public funds

The CBA has detained another person in connection with the extortion of funds from the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON).

In the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, officers from the CBA's Regional Office in Warsaw detained a woman who had withdrawn almost PLN 700,000 from the company's assets. The money had been misappropriated as fictitious salaries for a disabled person who did not provide any work for the company. The purpose of this bogus employment was to defraud public funding. As a result of this fraud, PFRON's losses on account of subsidising remuneration for disabled persons amount to over PLN 70,000.

The detainee was taken to the Małopolska Field Division of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Kraków, where she faced prosecution charges. By court decision, she will spend the next three months in custody.

The investigation by the National Public Prosecutor's Office in Kraków into the extortion of undue cash payments from PFRON is multi-layered. As investigators have established, the fraud consists in issuing mutual cost invoices by companies linked by person and capital, the fictitious employment of disabled people, the provision of false information to the tax authorities and the extortion of funds from the State Treasury.

So far, charges have been brought against five persons.. The investigation is still in progress, and further actions in the case are planned.

CBA Press Team

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