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More detainees in Silesia in the VAT crime case

The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau has detained three persons in Silesia who were involved in purchasing "blank" invoices.

Since 2021, officers of the CBA Regional Office in Łódź have been investigating the circulation of VAT invoices that do not reflect real economic transactions. In the course of the investigation supervised by the District Prosecutor's Office in Katowice, nine persons previously faced charges of participating in criminal activities of an organised network of companies involved in issuing blank VAT invoices that posed as economic transactions.

In Silesia, CBA officers detained another three persons who purchased blank VAT invoices. The documents were used in the course of business activities (trade and service industries). The fictitious invoices were used to extort VAT in fiscal settlements. Investigators estimated the value of the fraudulent invoices at more than PLN 17 million. 

In the District Prosecutor's Office in Katowice, the detainees faced charges related to the so-called VAT crime. By court decision, they were remanded in custody. The investigation is developing.  

VAT crime is a criminal offence that involves counterfeiting or falsifying a VAT invoice but also using it as authentic. It is also considered a crime to use or issue an invoice and certify falsely as to the VAT liability due.



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