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CBA and KAS have busted another factory of blank invoices in the steel trade

By order of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, officers from the CBA Regional Office in Kraków and the Mazovian Tax and Customs Office, have detained 8 persons. The detentions took place in Wielkopolska.

The detainees had formed a group that posed as a trade and service business, circulated fictitious VAT invoices and used fraudulent invoices. The group operated between 2017 and 2022, creating a network of companies engaged in issuing "blank" invoices. The activity of the companies was fictitious, indispensable for establishing trade transactions in steel and construction materials, as well as service activities.

According to the investigators' findings, more than 5,000 blank invoices for PLN 122 million were issued. The invoices were used to reduce public debts and defraud VAT refunds. Budget losses amounted to about PLN 23 million. The fraudulent documents were used by almost 160 business entities.

At the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, the detainees faced charges, including the so-called VAT crime and using fraudulent invoices. By court decision, 4 suspects were subjected to a preventive measure in the form of temporary custody. Against the others, the prosecutor applied non-custodial preventive measures (bail and police supervision).

The investigation is developing and dynamic. The prosecutor's office does not rule out further detentions in this case.

CBA Press Team


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