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Murowana Goślina - further civil servants detained by CBA

Officers of the CBA Regional Office in Poznań have detained further civil servants suspected of corruption and administrative offences.

It is a continuation of the investigation carried out under the supervision of the Field Division of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption at the National Prosecutor's Office in Poznań into the case of exceeding powers by the Mayor and subordinate officials of the local government of Murowana Goślina.In the course of the proceedings, evidence was collected to prove that the Mayor of Murowana Goślina accepted financial advantages for commissioning services financed from the commune budget.

In 2022, CBA officers detained the Mayor of the Town and Commune of Murowana Goślina, three commune employees and three entrepreneurs who participated in the criminal scheme. The detainees faced 27 corruption and administrative charges, as well as a charge of aiding and abetting. The court applied a preventive measure in the form of remand in custody against the Mayor, which has been exercised to this day while the remaining suspects have been subjected to non-custodial preventive measures.

On Monday (27 February 2023), CBA officers of the Regional Office in Poznań detained another three persons, including the Deputy Mayor of the Town and Commune of Murowana Goślina.The public prosecutor presented the detainees with charges and then applied non-custodial preventive measures in the form of bail and police supervision.


CBA Press Team

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