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Former Minister of the Treasury remanded in custody

By a decision of the Katowice-East District Court in Katowice, Włodzimierz K. has been remanded in custody for three months. Last Monday, the former minister of the State Treasury was detained by CBA officers under an investigation concerning the acceptance of financial advantages in the total amount of approximately PLN 5 million.

Włodzimierz K. - Secretary of the City of Warsaw, former president of the Municipal Cleaning Company (MPO) and former minister of the Treasury - was detained last Monday by officers of the CBA Regional Office in Wrocław. On the same day, seven premises connected to him, located in Mazovia, Małopolska and Podkarpacie, were searched.

The detention is related to an ongoing investigation into the acceptance of financial advantages and invoking influence in the implementation of public procurement contracts for companies involved in waste collection and disposal from the capital city of Warsaw. The value of the contracts amounted to a total of PLN 600 million. At the beginning of February this year, officers of the CBA detained Rafał B. - former deputy minister of the State Treasury and president of the Employers of Poland - and three other entrepreneurs. Currently, charges have been brought against 14 persons.

Włodzimierz K. has faced charges of demanding and accepting a bribe of almost PLN 5 million in connection with the procedure for selecting companies to collect waste in Warsaw.The investigation into “rubbish affair” has been carried out under the supervision of the Silesian Field Division of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption at the National Prosecutor's Office in Katowice.

CBA Press Team

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