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The Head of the CBA notifies the prosecutor's office regarding P. Wojtunik's statement

Statement of the Head of the CBA of October 23, 2023.

I firmly deny the lies spread by Paweł Wojtunik about the alleged order to use operational control against opposition representatives.

I would like to inform that in relation to these statements, I will send a notification to the prosecutor's office about the possibility committing a crime by Paweł Wojtunik, referred to in Art. 212 § 2 of the Penal Code, i.e. the crime of defamation via mass media.

All statements regarding internal activities in the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, which would be aimed at violating legal provisions, including the destruction of official documentation, are also untrue.

Any recently published information, opinions or comments that harm the good name of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau are subjects of analysis in the context of civil or criminal liability towards the authors of the slander.

I once again appeal to all participants of the public debate to refrain from hasty and biased opinions that are not reflected in the truth, and to describe reality calmly and honestly.


Col. Andrzej Stróżny

Head of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau

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