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European Integrity Alliance (EIA) – Extension of anti-corruption cooperation

In response to the growing crises and threats that pose a challenge to stability and security in Europe, the Polish-Ukrainian initiative European Integrity Alliance was launched – a new form of cooperation between anti-corruption institutions.

On October 18, 2023, the Head of the CBA Andrzej Stróżny and the Director of the NABU Semen Kryvonos signed in Warsaw a declaration on the basis of which European Integrity Alliance (EIA) will be created. The aim of EIA is strengthening and tightening relations between anti-corruption institutions in the region. The cooperation assumes not only the intensification of operational and investigative activities, but also the unification of standards and procedures for detecting, preventing and combating corruption. Recognizing the benefits resulting from strengthening the potential of regional cooperation, which is also proof of readiness to cooperate and make commitments in a broader international dimension –  EIA represents significant progress in securing Europe's future against unethical practices and threats to its stability. The joint initiative of CBA and NABU emphasizes the importance of solidarity, transparency and cooperation in the face of the challenges of the 21st century.

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