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Abuse of powers. PLN 600 thousand for severance pay

Allegations against former president of the Municipality Development Foundation in Kleszczów and management board members. Unlawful circumventing the so-called benefit cap act. PLN 600 thousand as a redundancy pay after the foundation head dismissal from office.

The Regional Office of the CBA in Łódź has been conducting an investigation into undertaking acts to the detriment of the Kleszczów Foundation. The proceedings have been supervised by the District Prosecutor's Office in Piotrków Trybunalski.

The CBA officers have found that in 2013, by circumventing the benefit cap law, the terms of the employment contract of the president-director of the Municipality Development Foundation in Kleszczów were altered, which caused a significant damage to the Foundation, favouring the president at the same time. 

When by the end of 2014 the president was removed from office, he was paid over PLN 600 thousand in damages, which constituted a multiple of the limits set by the so-called benefit cap law. The law sets the limits at three times the monthly remuneration.  

Moreover, the investigators have established that the management board altered the terms without the consent or the knowledge of the Kleszczów Municipality Council, which established the Foundation.

At this stage of the proceedings, the charges of an abuse of powers to obtain financial advantages were pressed against the deputy president, a management board member, and the former president himself, the one who received PLN 600 thousand in damages.

Against the suspects the prosecution applied non-custodial supervision measures: a property surety, a prohibition on leaving the country, a police surveillance and a property security for over PLN 600 thousand.


Public Information Division of the CBA

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