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Head of the Tax Office and a tax enforcement officer detained in the act. They took 150,000 zł bribe from an entrepreneur

The CBA agents from Warsaw detained the Head of the Tax Office in Ostrów Mazowiecka and the tax enforcement officer from the same office. One of them in a restaurant near Ostrów took 150,000 zł in cash.

The CBA officers stepped in after the officials split up the bribe. After a while, they were already in the hands of the Bureau's agents. They were detained in their office. Men did not expect such a turn of events and decisive actions of the CBA officers.

As the agents of the CBA, who are conducting the case & operation, determined - in exchange for this money the financial penalty (surtax) which was to be imposed on the entrepreneur was to be significantly reduced. But that's not all what the officials offered for bribes - knowing that the businessman's fiscal offenses could be greater, they offered a protective shield over his interest.

The collected materials will now be forwarded to the District Prosecutor's Office in Ostrołęka, where the persons detained by the CBA will be charged with corruption.

The CBA agents searched the rooms at the tax office where both officials worked.

Activities are ongoing, further threads will be investigated.

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