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14 customs officers in the hands of the CBA. Bribes on the border with Ukraine. Fictitious Tax Free

The CBA agents from Rzeszów detained 14 current and former officers of the Podkarpackie Customs and Tax Office. The investigation was initiated on the basis of operational materials collected by the CBA.

The CBA agents determined, that entrepreneurs, traders operating in the Podkarpackie Province, were issuing VAT refund documents for travelers (Tax Free), in which they attested untruth as to the sale of goods.  Either the sale did not take place or mentioned quantities were much smaller than stated in the declarations. Such fictitious Tax Free documents were send to customs clearance.

The CBA's findings indicate, that customs officers in exchange for bribes were confirming ostensible exports of goods outside the European Union. At one time, they would take from Ukrainian citizens for such an illegal favor up to several thousand zlotys. There was an unwritten rate of 2% to 3% of the value stated in the Tax Free declaration.

The investigators found that the individual customs officers detained by the CBA were able to make from dozens to up to 200 such custom clearances in exchange for bribes.

Persons detained by the CBA will be transferred to the Podkarpacie division of the national prosecutor's office, where they will be charged.

The case is ongoing, further topics regarding the depletion of taxes and cross-border crime are being investigated. Subsequent detentions are possible.


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