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Searches at the offices of RUCH S.A.

The CBA agents from Krakow conducted a series of searches throughout the country at the offices of RUCH S.A., Alior Bank S.A. and other entities and persons, securing the necessary documentation and electronic data in the investigation regarding, among others, irregularities related to granting by Alior Bank S.A. loans to the RUCH joint-stock company. The Regional Office of the Central Anticorruption Bureau in Krakow is conducting the investigation under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Krakow.

The collected materials show that in the years 2012-2018, persons acting on behalf of RUCH S.A. could have used unreliable financial documentation to obtain a credit line at Alior Bank S.A. in the amount of 153.6 million zł.

The findings of the CBA's investigation indicate the probability, that the granting and maintenance of this loan could have been related to the abuse of granted warrants or failure to meet the binding obligations of the persons managing Alior Bank SA. in 2012-2018 and this could have cause damage to the bank at least in this amount.

The findings of the CBA and the prosecutor's office also indicate the possibility of creating by the RUCH S.A. the need to take a loan. These activities could have been implemented through the unreasonable purchase of corporate bonds of the Dutch company in 2011 for 34 million USD and 110 million PLN and the sale of their real estate below their real value as well as other actions and omissions. This in turn caused financial damage to the RUCH S.A.  in large sizes estimated at over 200 million PLN.

The CBA's investigation is at an early stage.

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