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The investigation into the KNF's case

The CBA agents immediately after receiving the order from the prosecutor's office (14.11.2018) entered the headquarters of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in Warsaw and secured evidence - minutes and recordings of KNF's meetings regarding Getin Bank's recovery proceedings, update of the recovery program, protection of Getin Bank capital and KNF's meetings on the situation in Idea Bank SA, in particular the acquisition of shares in GetBack SA and the sale of GetBack SA bonds.

The CBA agents secured all the required evidence material that was covered by the decision of the prosecutor's office. These documents and recordings were not in the chairman's office itself, but in other organizational units of the KNF.

We can also confirm, that on the same day a search was carried out in the apartment of the former KNF Chairman and his cabinet at the KNF. Documentation and data carriers were secured.

We would like to point out, that the nationwide Polish media reported information about the search conducted in the apartment earlier, last week.

We also want to note, that the prosecutor's office gave the investigation into abuse of powers, failure to fulfill duties by the chairman of the KNF to the Regional Office of the CBA in Warsaw.

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