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The head of an tax office from Podkarpacie and four businessmen got caught. Detentions in the act. Bribes. Protective shield. Fictitious invoices

Agents from the CBA Regional Office in Rzeszów detained 4 businessmen dealing with, as indicated by findings, inter alia, VAT fraud, marketing of accounting documents attesting untruth - invoices for fictions, activities to the detriment of the State Treasury. Another person detained in this special operation of the CBA is the head of the tax office in Podkarpacie.

The CBA officials stepped into action in the evening in two places at the same time.

The first of the CBA operational groups undertook actions in a hotel in Łańcut. Four businessmen took 40,000 zł for issuing so-called blank invoices and after a while they were already in the hands of the agents of the Bureau. Three women and a man "caught red-handed" did not expect such a turn of events.

Fictitious VAT invoices issued by them and secured by the CBA officers amount to nearly a million zlotys, but the findings of the CBA in Rzeszów indicate that there were far more of them, and the dealings operated on a larger scale.

In the same minutes, the second operational group of the CBA joined the action. At the petrol station at the A4 motorway, the CBA agents detained the Head of the Tax Office in Jarosław. As the agents of the CBA, who conducted the case and operation determined, the man in exchange for 10,000 zlotys per month offered a kind of protective shield - for the money he guaranteed security in legalizing of a criminal dealings that served, among others, tax extortion and detriment to the economic interests of the state.

The financial benefit was to be transferred monthly for at least a few years in the form of rent for the lease of premises belonging to a person close to the detained head.

The collected materials will now be transferred to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Lublin, where the persons detained by the CBA will be charged.

Activities of the Rzeszów CBA are underway, and further topics will be investigated, among others, the extensiveness of unlawful activity carried out and how significant the value of issued VAT invoices was. The list of detainees may be extended.

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