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Fictitious VAT invoices for PLN 10 million. 5 detainees

The agents from the CBA Regional Office in Rzeszów detained 5 persons - businessmen - mainly involved in economic crime, including VAT fraud, marketing of accounting documents attesting untruth - so-called "blank invoices". The CBA officers stepped into action at the same time in many places to prevent covering up of tracks or losing evidence of crime.

Fictitious VAT invoices issued by them and secured by the CBA officers amount to nearly 10 million zł, but the findings indicate that there were many more, the dealings was functioning on a larger scale. The total amount of false invoices can reach even tens of millions of zlotys.

According to findings of the CBA agents from Rzeszów, the detainees acted throughout Poland, misleading employees of tax offices. The chain of companies conducted an apparent trade in goods between them, which then also fictitiously exited the territory of Poland. The group was hermetic and hierarchical, each of the detainees had a specified task to do. Controls were avoided by giving fake addresses.

The collected materials will be transferred to the Podkarpackie Terrain Division for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Rzeszów, where detainees will be charged.

The activities of the Rzeszów CBA in the investigation are underway, and further threads are being investigated. A longer list of detainees and charges can only be a matter of time.


Piotr Kaczorek, CBA


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