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Notifications to the prosecutor's office after analytical activities of the CBA

The analytical activities carried out by officers of Poznań Regional Office of the Central Anticorruption Bureau have resulted in notifying the Prosecutor's Office about a suspicion of committing a crime. The report concerned contracts for the lease of two buildings in the Suchy Las commune.

The CBA sent to the Prosecutor's Office in Poznań two notifications of suspicion of a crime in connection with contracts signed for the lease of buildings in the Suchy Las commune. Possible irregularities concern a contract signed in 2014 by the Commune of Suchy Las for the lease of a branch building of the Primary School at Konwaliowa Str. and the contract signed in 2016 by Commune Economy Complex Suchy Las Sp. z o.o. for renting the building of his new headquarters.

The first notification concerns the suspicion of committing a crime of abuse of powers or failure to fulfill duties by the Head of the Suchy Las Commune to the detriment of the commune. As established during the activities, the head of the commune signed a lease contract with a local developer providing for the obligation of payment by the commune, during the fifteen-year term of the contract, a lease fee in the amount of approximately 26.5 million zł. However, according to the analysis carried out by the Commune of Suchy Las, investment outlays for the implementation of the investment entitled: Construction of a primary school building with a gymnasium and land development at Konwaliowa Str. in Suchy Las, originally estimated at just over 8.2 million zł. The head of Suchy Las commune of also knew that the cost of building the same building of the Primary School, financed with funds from the investment loan, would not exceed 15.6 million zł in the period of fifteen years.

The second notification concerns the suspicion of mismanagement and damage to large sizes by the President of the Management Board and members of the Supervisory Board of Commune Economy Complex of Suchy Las Sp. z o.o. (ZGK) The notification also includes attestations of untruth by a real estate appraiser in a property valuation appraising the real estate, which was to become the new headquarters of the company. The findings of the CBA officers indicate that as a result of the actions of abovementioned persons, the ZGK Suchy Las company suffered a loss of at least 3.9 million zł.

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