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Indictment after a control in PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development)

The control conducted by the officers of the Central Anticorruption Bureau in the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development ended with an indictment. Two employees of one of the Warsaw companies were accused of extorting over 13 million zł from PARP based on unreliable documentation.

The CBA officers conducted from 7 September 2016 to 24 May 2017 a control in the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The proceedings included the correctness of the procedures for making and implementing decisions concerning the management of public funds by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in connection with supporting co-financing granted to one of the Warsaw companies for the implementation of selected projects under activity 2.1. Development of human resources for the modern economy of the Human Capital Operational Program (PO KL). The control covered the years 2009-2015.

The material collected during the control showed a violation of the competition rules by the Warsaw company. CBA controllers indicated a number of capital and personal ties between the beneficiary of the project and the contractors of its individual components. The fact that these entities are in permanent relations is evidenced by the performance of activities at the same address, joint accounting and legal services, or granting mutual loans. The selection procedure of the contractors was of an apparent nature. In addition, persons authorized to represent the company in a given project, each time applying for payment, made statements about the lack of connections - between the company and the contractors' suppliers, thus misleading PARP.  This statement constituted the basis for the payment of funds covered by a given payment request. The above may be indicative of the deliberate actions of these people in order to swindle funding.

On August 7 2017 the Central Anticorruption Bureau made a notification to the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw of reasonable suspicion that a crime was committed by two employees of the Warsaw company, who submitted unreliable statements to obtain funding from PARP.

District Prosecutor's Office Warsaw - Wola initiated an investigation and entrusted to conduct by the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw.

On 6 August 2018, the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw-Wola charged two employees of the Warsaw company and then drew up an indictment against them.

Moreover, in connection with the results of the CBA's control, PARP analyzed the documentation regarding all projects in which the company or entities associated with it acted as the beneficiary or partner in order to undertake activities aiming at recovering funds under individual projects. PARP informed the CBA that it is conducting administrative proceedings against the company regarding the refund of funds from four of the five concluded agreements in the amount of over 10 million zł.

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