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A new investigation. Corruption in the KGHM

Four persons detained by the CBA officers in connection with corruption in orders for deliveries to the KGHM Capital Group.

The officers from CBA Regional Office in Rzeszów detained four persons, including two employees from the KGHM Capital Group performing managerial functions and two entrepreneurs operating in Lower Silesia. The investigation, initiated on the basis of the CBA's own materials, concerns the acceptance of financial benefits in 2012-2016 by persons performing public functions.

As it was determined in the course of the proceeding, the employees of companies from the KGHM Group have been accepting recurrently from entrepreneurs financial benefits in return for preferring their company when awarding contracts for the supply of equipment to the mines. The amounts of bribes were dependent on the value of the order and ranged from a few thousand zlotys to 65,000 zł. Whereas, the value of conducted orders was from 30 thousand zł to 1.5 million zł.

All persons detained by the CBA agents will be transported to the Silesian Terrain Division of the National Prosecutor's Office.

At the request of the prosecutor's office, the CBA agents are searching the places of residence and the workplaces of the detainees and are securing evidence of crime.


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