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The re-privatization case. Five detainees

Agents from the Warsaw Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau detained 5 persons, including two former officials of the Warsaw City Hall in the case concerning irregularities in the Warsaw's re-privatization.

Five people were detained by officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in connection with the investigation regarding irregularities in the re-privatization of real estate in Warsaw. The case also concerns decree and compensation decisions. Among the detainees are former employee (Jacek W.) and former legal adviser of the Real Estate Office of the Municipal Office of Warsaw (Bogusław D.), Warsaw notary (Leszek Z.) and two businessmen engaged in the purchase and sale of real estate (Mirosław B. and Krzysztof D.).

Findings of the investigators from the CBA indicate that the former employee of the Warsaw City Hall received bribes from the previously detained by the CBA well-known buyer of claims (Marek M.), in exchange for favor in conducted return proceedings concerning tenements in Śródmieście. Jacek W. was detained today for the second time by officers of the CBA in connection with the ongoing investigation.

In addition, the evidence collected indicates that the notary and legal adviser signed decisions in favour of the detained businessmen without following the procedures adopted and with incomplete documentation regarding the real estate.

Persons detained by officers of the CBA will be transferred to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Wrocław, where they will hear charges.

The investigators are constantly working on the collected documents, new threads are being investigated and further detentions and charges are not ruled out. Recently, the court received the next, fifth indictment regarding this case.

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