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The CBA has finished its control in POSUM

The control conducted by the CBA agents in Specialist Medical Service Center in Poznań (POSUM). The activities of former director exposed the Center to damage in the amount of PLN 40 million.

The CBA officers from the Regional Office of the CBA in Poznań have conducted a control in the Specialist Medical Service Center in Poznań (POSUM). During the proceeding selected procedures concerning awarding public contracts from 1st January 2017 to 31st May 2018 were checked. The control lasted from 28 June 2018 to 21 December 2018. The controlled entity has not filed any objections to the control protocol.

In connection with proceeding’s results, on 20th February 2019 the CBA handed over to the National Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań a notification on suspicion of committing a crime by the former director of POSUM, whose actions exposed the Center to damage.

In the course of control activities the CBA agents have determined that the former director, while being obliged to deal with POSUM’s property matters, overrode his authorities and failed to fulfil his duties. Thereby he has caused detriment to the property of unit which he has been managing.

As it was determined during the ongoing proceeding, the former director concluded many contracts, exposing the Center to damage in the amount of almost PLN 40 million.

The CBA controllers have showed that the contract for construction works consisting in extension to the Center – which was signed by the director – came to almost PLN 68 million, while for the implementation of the contract he had only PLN 32 million. This action exposed the Center to damage in the amount of PLN 36 million.

The director has also signed a contract for the provision of consultancy services in the scope of obtaining subsidies from the EU funds for POSUM – for the amount of almost PLN 300,000. In result of these activities he has depleted the assets of the Center.

In the course of the control the investigators also have disclosed a purchase for over PLN 1 million of useless aesthetic medicine devices. Moreover, it was discovered that the former director has not enforced contractual penalties connected with delayed implementation of public procurement contracts concerning the performance of construction & installation services for POSUM. In result the damage came to over PLN 1.5 million.



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