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Four detainees. Nearly 29 million zlotys extorted

Nearly 29 million zlotys have been extorted to the detriment of a company specializing in the construction and repair of railway infrastructure through fictitious contracts and invoices. Another four persons detained by the CBA.

Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Warsaw, under the supervision of the Lower Silesian Terrain Division of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Wroclaw, conducts activities in the investigation of abuse of powers by an official receiver and other persons by transferring money from the bankruptcy estate and then laundering it using a series of fictitious business entities.

In connection with this case, agents of the CBA detained another four persons. Activities were carried out in Warsaw and its vicinity, Toruń and Lublin. As it has been determined in the course of the proceeding, the detainees, on the basis of a number of fictitious contracts and verbal agreements, have issued fictitious VAT invoices, and based on them, transferred money from the the bankruptcy estate of one of the companies. In the Prosecutor’s Office, they will be charged with abuse of powers, acting to the detriment of a company and document falsification.

The total amount of damage determined so far is nearly 29 mln zlotys.

The investigators do not rule out further detentions and extension of the list of charges.

In April 2017, in connection with this case, officers of the CBA have arrested five persons, including an official receiver acting to the detriment of bankrupt companies. In total, there are 22 suspects in this case.

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