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A banker detained for corruption

A bank employee and three entrepreneurs detained by the CBA. The case concerns corruption.

The agents of the Regional Office of the CBA in Lublin, based on their own information, detained in Warsaw four people, including three persons caught in the act of bribery. The detainees are: the Manager of the Restructuring and Debt Collection Team of the Office for Co-operation with External Entities of one of the banks and three entrepreneurs providing services to this bank, involved in real estate trade.

According to the findings of the investigators, the entrepreneurs, in exchange for material benefits, received commissions from the bank to support the process of voluntary sale of the property of the bank's debtors. This procedure consisted in the sale of real estate that were the bank credit collateral of debtors who were in default or were at risk of being in default. In exchange for a voluntary sale of real estate, the debtor might have got cancellation of part of the debt.

In addition, it was determined that sometimes the commissions were accounted on the basis of fictitious invoices. Such action resulted in undue payments for services, and thus acting to the detriment of the bank. The amount of the material benefit disclosed so far is at least 50 thousand zlotys. The officers searched the places of work and residence of detained persons. Documentation and computer equipment were secured. The collected materials will be transferred today to the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. 

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