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Another detainees, new leads in the investigation. Financial pyramid in the background

2 more persons detained by the officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau within an investigation concerning functioning of a financial pyramid. These are new leads in this complex investigation which is still in progress.

The officers of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Poznań have detained 2 persons within an investigation concerning functioning of an organized criminal group in 2012–2017 on the territory of the Republic of Poland. In the course of the proceedings, it has been found that the group created and managed 4 investment funds of non-public assets.

There are several leads within the investigation. The detentions which have been carried out today, concern transferring of a money from one of the funds in order to build luxurious centre for seniors. Findings of the CBA officers indicate that one of the companies associated with the suspects, bought a property located in Otwock to sell it subsequently to another associated company for twice the original amount. The aim of this action was to inflate the price artificially and, as a result of it, to enable illegal transferring of an amount of almost 6 million zlotys from the company. The detainees will be transferred to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lódź, where they will be charged.

In the course of the proceedings conducted by the officers of the CBA, there are 24 persons detained in total. They are charged with participating in an organized criminal group, fraud, acting to the detriment of investment funds. There are 7 persons still under arrest.

Findings of the investigators point to the 600 million zlotys as an amount of detriment of more than 2000 people caused by the criminal activity of the group. Detriment of the investment funds has been estimated as 90 million zlotys. It is becoming more and more clear that certificates of the indicated investment funds have been offered through banks. Employees of the banks, acting with the purpose of gaining a material benefit, were misleading purchasers intentionally. They were persuading them that offered products are secured by bank guarantees or that they are ordinary bank deposits.

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