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Former deputy minister detained by the CBA - help in exchange for the deferred bribe

Two persons detained today by the CBA will be charged with corruption – among them is a deputy minister of Environment and an entrepreneur from Wloclawek

The officers of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Łódź have detained the former deputy minister of Environment and the entrepreneur from Włocławek from the construction industry. The investigation concerns invoking influences in 2015 in the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and taking up settling a matter in exchange for a material benefit in connection with the implementation of a project ‘Comprehensive protection of underground waters of Kielce agglomeration’.

As it has been established in the course of the conducted activities, as part of the project, Wodociągi Kieleckie signed agreements for the construction of a sanitary and water supply system in the area of Kielce and in two Świętokrzyskie municipalities. The investment was co-financed by the European Union. However, the institution implementing the project was the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Due to significant delays in contract implementation, contractual penalties were imposed on the contractor. Everything seems to indicate that the detained entrepreneur promised the deputy minister employment in companies with a monthly salary of dozen or so thousand zlotys in exchange for "help", which would lead to the withdrawal of Wodociągów Kieleckich Sp. z o.o. from charging contractual penalties and accepting construction works without reservations. As it has been determined by the investigators of the CBA, the deputy minister accepted the promise of the benefit, and after the resignation from the function performed, he started working in the companies of the entrepreneur.

Both detainees will be transferred to the National Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, where they will be charged.

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