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Bribes in exchange for Pole's Cards

An entrepreneur detained by the CBA. Investigators accuse him of giving bribes to an employee of a Polish diplomatic mission. Detention is an effect of cooperation between Regional Office of the CBA in Białystok and the Operations and Investigations Department of the CBA.

The officers of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Białystok have detained a Polish citizen – an entrepreneur living in Belarus – suspected of giving material benefits to an employee of a Polish diplomatic mission. 

Everything seems to indicate that the bribes were given in exchange for assistance in obtaining permits legalizing the stay of citizens of Belarus on the territory of the Republic of Poland, including the granting of so-called Pole's Cards. Thanks to such documents, citizens of Belarus could take up and conduct business activity on Polish territory on the same terms as Polish citizens.

Moreover, as it was established, the detained entrepreneur made a promise to grant further financial benefits in an amount not less than 50,000 USD in exchange for assistance in transport to Belarus, without an official declaration of carriage, the amount of 1 to 2 million USD.

The detained entrepreneur will be transferred to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, where he will be charged.

  • ©zestmarina/Photogenica
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