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Statement of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Ministry of Health

Referring to the article by Izabela Kacprzak, published in Rzeczpospolita on 18 May 2020, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Ministry of Health inform that:

On 26 March of this year, the Ministry of Health submitted an e-mail to the CBA, informing about the planned purchase of face masks and protective suits from Łukasz Guńka. The Ministry and the Bureau adopted such a form of cooperation during the purchase assessment.

One day later (on 27 March 2020), replying to the above e-mail, the CBA pointed to significant doubts about the credibility of the offer, including the “lack of connections between (Łukasz Guńka and) the medical entities.”

Taking into consideration the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau’s indication as well as Mr Guńka’s lack of experience in the delivery of medical equipment, the Ministry of Health informed Mr Guńka that the payment would not be settled until the delivery of the certified goods to the warehouses.

The Ministry of Health cooperates closely with the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in the field of anti-corruption protection. The Ministry and the Bureau have developed a formula, subject to which, prior to each transaction, an offer submitted to the Ministry is sent by e-mail to the address provided by the CBA.


Temistokles Brodowski, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau

Wojciech Andrusiewicz, Director of Public Relations Bureau, Ministry of Health

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