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Relying on influence in court and penitentiary - detentions by the CBA

The officers of the Regional Office of the CBA in Poznań have detained 3 individuals in connection with the investigation into relying on influence in a prison court and a penitentiary in Poznań.

The three detainees are an attorney-at-law from Poznań, a business owner, and a director of the security unit of a private economic entity.

In exchange for financial advantages, they promised to assist the prisoners in receiving positive opinions to apply for conditional release from serving the sentence.

The CBA officers have searched the places of residence and the workplaces of the detainees, where they have secured documentation.

The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau has been carrying out the investigation jointly with the National Prosecutor's Office in Poznań.

The case is multi-threaded and still in progress.


Public Relations Division of the CBA

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