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A criminal activity thwarted

The joint operation of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw and the Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw has thwarted the continuation of a criminal activity. The detainee, directly involved in the transfer of funds, has already been presented with charges.

The officers’ findings indicate that the detainee accepted money from representatives of economic entities from Wólka Kosowska. Finally, the cash was transferred to bank accounts belonging to businessmen operating in Asian markets.

The investigation has been carried out into the activities of the companies whose actions were intended to thwart or significantly impede the origin of the money. In the years 2019 - 2020, the criminal group transferred not less than PLN 116 million outside the country.

The cash originated from at least 3 Vietnamese companies operating in Wólka Kosowska.

Current investigation findings indicate that the companies did not submit their financial statements to the National Court Register (KRS) or they declared income and turnover incomparable to the amounts transferred.

The damage suffered by the State Treasury amounts to several tens of millions of zlotys.

Public Relations Division, CBA

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