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The CBA is fighting a 'virus' of abuse. WIHE Director detained

The General Karol Kaczkowski Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Warsaw (WIHE) is the most important military outpost in Poland, established to counter biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear threats. Unfortunately, the CBA's findings indicate that the institute itself is not free of the virus of abuse

The activities instigated by the officers of the CBA Regional Office in Lublin led to the detention of the Director of the WIHE, as a result of an investigation carried out jointly with the Military Affairs Department of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. As established, between March and June 2020, the Director exceeded his powers by appropriating property belonging to the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the form of protective equipment, disinfectant fluids and tests for COVID-19. All findings indicate that he subsequently transferred those items to unauthorised persons, thereby acting to the detriment of the public interest. At the prosecutor’s office, the man will face charges of abuse of powers to obtain a financial gain. The CBA officers have searched the place of residence and the workplace of the detainee.
The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, in performing its statutory obligations, pays particular attention to the harmfulness of abuses that directly affect the life and health of Poles. For the sake of the common good, we want to combat all kinds of “viruses”. 
Public Relations Division of the CBA

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