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New information in the investigation into causing damage to the listed company, amounting to PLN 90 million.

The CBA Regional Office in Wrocław and the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Poznań have been investigating activities to the detriment of Polnord S.A. in the years 2010-2015. Twelve people were detained yesterday by the CBA officers in connection with this case.

The evidence gathered in the investigation indicates that the detainees took part in an organised procedure consisting in taking money out of the company in large amounts by appropriating the entrusted funds and then subjecting them to money laundering. The criminal scheme consisted in the acquisition of fictitious debts against the interest of the company and the transfer of the funds by means of a number of business entities to the accounts of entities registered in Poland and abroad, indicated by the organisers of the mechanism. In that way, the company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange lost over PLN 70 million.

Some of the detainees are also suspected of causing damage to the company's assets for the amount of PLN 21 million while concluding an investment plot purchase-sale agreement. In that case, the criminal scheme consisted in the purchase of the plot of land for a price which was inadequate to its real value and significantly overpriced for that location at that time. The evidence gathered in the course of the investigation shows that the persons involved in the practice were aware that the transaction price did not correspond to the value of the land.

The procedural activities regarding the detainees are ongoing.

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