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The case will end up in court

The Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw filed an indictment against an employee of the Warsaw-Ursynów Tax Office. The man was detained by CBA in August last year.

The investigation conducted by the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Warsaw, under the supervision of the Warsaw District Prosecutor's Office resulted in sending the indictment to the Warszawa-Mokotów District Court.

The indictment pertains to an employee of the Tax Office in Warsaw-Ursynów, who was detained by the CBA officers red-handed in the act of accepting a financial advantage in exchange for a promise of assistance in spreading tax arrears into instalments and thus halting enforcement proceedings - this concerned tax dues of several hundred thousand PLN.
The suspect was placed under temporary custody.

The civil servant is facing a penalty of up to 8 years imprisonment.

We informed about the detention in the press release dated 4 August 2020.

Public Relations Division of the CBA

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