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Charges of attempting to corrupt a civil servant

An entrepreneur from Sulejówek was detained by the CBA while attempting to corrupt an employee of the local Municipal Office. The woman was detained moments after handing over the bribe.

In recent weeks, the officers of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw were informed that one of the clients of the Municipal Office in Sulejówek was making attempts to corrupt the local civil servant. The bribe was supposed to simplify and accelerate administrative procedures.

The investigators' activities made it possible to detain the entrepreneur immediately after she had handed over PLN 30,000 to the Deputy Mayor of Sulejówek. Through the financial advantage, the woman hoped to obtain a positive administrative decision allowing her to conduct business activities. The incident took place in the building of the Office on Wednesday evening.

After the arrest, the detainee's place of residence and her business premises were searched. In the Sulejówek Municipal Office, documentation related to the administrative decision procedure was secured.

The woman will face a corruption charge in the District Prosecutor's Office in Siedlce.

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