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Polish State Railways (PKP S.A.) commissioned PR services to a company set up by its former employees

Five former PKP S.A. employees detained by the CBA. Contracts for public relations services worth several hundred thousand zlotys are involved.

Under the supervision of the Warszawa-Praga District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, the CBA officers of the Regional Office in Warsaw have been conducting an investigation into causing considerable property damage to the PKP S.A. company. The case concerns the conclusion of a contract for the implementation of preventive measures with regard to bomb threats within the framework of preparations for the World Youth Days. This case has already ended with an indictment being submitted to the court.

At the same time, it gave rise to another proceeding. In the course of the conducted activities, a thread was revealed concerning the conclusion of four contracts for public relations services between PKP S.A. and a Warsaw-based agency run by former employees of the company. The documents were signed in 2016 and their total amount exceeded PLN 650 thousand. The investigators found there was no need to conclude such contracts, and the scope of tasks specified therein could be performed by employees already employed by the company in a specially created Communications and Marketing Office. Under the agreements, the agency undertook, among other things, to provide ongoing advice on the functioning of the company, including that related to the World Youth Days, to develop a website integrating information about the railway for the World Youth Days, and to provide crisis consultancy.

In connection with this case, the CBA officers of the Warsaw Regional Office have detained five persons in Warsaw and Kraków. Among the detainees were three former PKP S.A. employees in managerial positions, including a former president of the Management Board, a former member of the Management Board and a former director of the Communications and Marketing Office. Two former partners of the PR agency (previously employed by PKP S.A.) were also detained.

After the searches were completed, the detainees were transported to the Warszawa-Praga District Prosecutor's Office. There they heard charges connected with mismanagement and causing damage to the property of PKP S.A.

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