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VAT extortions. Another detainee

The officers of the CBA Regional Office in Katowice have detained an entrepreneur participating in a practice of obtaining an undue refund of the VAT by a Silesian company.

All findings indicate that the company, operating in the field of IT, defrauded undue VAT in the amount of nearly PLN 10 million, from the competent tax office. The criminal nature of the extortion, which took place in 2015, involved issuing and submitting to public institutions inaccurate documentation, including transport documentation, related to the turnover of goods with the participation of foreign entities.  The documents were issued and submitted to authenticate the occurrence of fictitious economic transactions. 
In the District Prosecutor's Office in Katowice, the detained man heard charges of participation in criminal activities of an organised crime group and attestation of an untruth in documents. The prosecutor applied bail, police supervision and a ban on contact with other suspects against him.
This is another operation in the case where so far 16 persons have been detained and charged. Further procedural activities are being planned.
Public Relations Division of the CBA


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