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A final court decision has been issued after verification of the asset declarations of a Ciasna municipality councillor

On 25 January 2021, the Ciasna Municipality councillor was found guilty by the District Court in Lubliniec of providing an untruth and concealing the actual state of her assets in the asset declarations completed in the years 2014-2019. The ruling is final.

It is the result of verification conducted between 5 July 2019 and 19 March 2020 by the Control Proceedings Department of the CBA Regional Office in Katowice. The asset declarations submitted in the years 2014-2019 by one of the councillors of the Ciasna Municipality came under the scrutiny of the inspectors. In the course of the verification, irregularities were found, consisting in:

failure to disclose cash held in the Polish currency on bank accounts and in the Euro currency kept in cash at home;
underestimation of the value of an agricultural holding disclosed in the asset declarations, through underestimation of the value of the owned buildings and failure to take into account, while calculating this value, the owned agricultural machinery and livestock;
failure to disclose the share in the ownership of 4 passenger cars (co-owned with the husband within marital co-ownership and with the sons);
underestimation of the value of two agricultural tractors and a combine harvester given by the controlled person in item A.IX. concerning movable assets.

The CBA notified the Public Prosecutor's Office of the results of the verification. After an investigation conducted by the District Prosecutor's Office in Lubliniec, the District Court in Lubliniec, by way of its decision of 25 January 2021, found the controlled person guilty of the charges. The decision is final.

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