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Three entrepreneurs charged with paid protection

Detained by the CBA in connection with the investigation concerning invoking of influence in state institutions.

The officers of the CBA Regional Office in Rzeszów, in cooperation with the Silesian Local Division of the National Prosecutor's Office, have been investigating the activity of an organised crime group. The investigation findings indicate that the group invoked influence in public institutions, including law enforcement agencies and state-owned companies, and undertook to mediate in the settlement of cases in exchange for financial advantages and promises thereof. The existing findings indicate that the group accepted financial gains of PLN 4 million in return for taking up various matters. The first detentions in this case took place in October 2020.

In recent days, the CBA officers detained three entrepreneurs residing in and around Warsaw. The prosecutor presented the detained persons with charges of paid protection. The suspects gave material benefits in amounts from EUR 50 to 100 thousand to members of an organised crime group. In exchange for the money, the group members undertook to illegally arrange matters in law enforcement agencies, courts, government offices and state-owned companies concerning avoidance of serving the sentenced prison term, avoidance of criminal liability in connection with criminal proceedings, issuance of a decision related to the planned construction of a highway and in exchange for concluding a commercial agreement with a state-owned company. The charges relate to offences committed in 2020.

Additionally, charges of paid protection were brought against two persons, including one who is in prison, where he is serving a prison sentence imposed in another case.

Along with the detentions, searches of the suspects' places of residence were carried out to secure evidence and financial means.

Currently, there are 20 suspects in the case.

The case is under development.

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