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Irregularities in tenders organized by Polish Water Authorities (Wody Polskie)

Entrepreneurs and two employees of Polish Waters, a total of six people, have been detained by the officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The officers of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw, under the supervision of the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor's Office, have been investigating alleged interference in public tenders held by the State Water Company Wody Polskie. In the course of the investigation, a number of irregularities were found, such as: influencing the results of the tenders, granting financial advantages to the employees of the State Water Management Company Wody Polskie, as well as issuing unreliable invoices in economic transactions.
The detainees included entrepreneurs from Mazowieckie and Łódzkie Voivodships who specialize in drainage and waterworks and two persons employed in the State Water Management Company Wody Polskie.
The CBA officers also searched over a dozen locations, including the detainees' places of residence, the headquarters of the State Water Management Company Wody Polskie in Warsaw and the Radom Division, the headquarters of companies participating in the criminal practice and those providing accounting services.
The six detainees and one person summoned heard charges in the District Prosecutor's Office in the Warszawa-Praga District Prosecutor's Office. The charges include issuing fictitious invoices for water management services in the total amount of over PLN 1 million. The investigators' findings also point to a corrupt practice in connection with entering into tender collusion to obtain public contracts worth several hundred thousand zlotys, carried out in the State Water Management Company Wody Polskie, and undertaking activities aimed at making it more difficult to establish the criminal origin of the funds, the so-called money laundering.
This is the first operation within this investigation. Further detentions are possible.
Public Relations Division of the CBA

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