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The Head of the CBA participated in the 4th High-Level Regional Anti-Corruption Seminar

On May 11-13, the 4th High-Level Regional Anti-Corruption Seminar was held in Lithuania. The meeting of the Heads of anti-corruption services was attended by representatives of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), the Special Investigation Service of Lithuania (STT), the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) from Latvia, the Internal Security Service from Estonia (KAPO) and the Police and Border Guard Board from Estonia.

The meeting was hosted by the Special Investigative Service of Lithuania (STT), which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The STT Director and concurrently EPAC/EACN President Žydrūnas Bartkus discussed the impact of the war in Ukraine on anti-corruption efforts, presented plans and work under the leadership of the EPAC/EACN network, and discussed challenges and best practices in investigating corruption crimes committed by high-ranking officials.

The CBA was represented by the Bureau’s Head Andrzej Stróżny and the representatives of the Cabinet of the Head of the CBA, the Operational and Investigative Department and the Analysis Department.

The Head of the CBA emphasised the importance of the unity of the Baltic States in assisting the victims of the war in Ukraine. "At our joint initiative, the Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian anti-corruption institutions have together provided shelter and assistance to the families of the officials of the Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), a total of more than 350 people, mostly women and children," said the Head of the CBA.

Jēkabs Straume, Director of the KNAB, shared Latvia’s experience in investigating corruption-related crimes. The seminar also presented significant results of the first year of operation of the Economic Court of the Republic of Latvia, as well as ongoing and planned joint events and projects that contribute to further strengthening of regional cooperation and improving the exchange of information.

The Estonian and Polish partners shared their experience in implementing economic sanctions and noted the important role of anti-corruption institutions in ensuring a strategic approach to national security.

This is the fourth meeting of the Heads of anti-corruption institutions of the Baltic Region, which is taking place in Lithuania for the second time. Previous meetings took place in Estonia and Poland.

The CBA cooperates with numerous international organisations and law enforcement authorities from other countries. The cooperation aims to exchange best practices, deepen knowledge on corruption phenomena, solutions and instruments which are in operation abroad, as well as the current exchange of information related to operational and investigative activities carried out by services of other countries. So far, the Bureau has obtained approval for cooperation with 54 countries and 13 international organisations.

Each year, the Bureau provides information on the activities undertaken within the framework of international cooperation in the "Information on the results of the CBA activities", which is available on the website.

  • The Head of the CBA participated in the 4th High-Level Regional Anti-Corruption Seminar
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